FTE QuakeWorld WebRTC

Sometimes, you find yourself away from your gaming rig, but the urge to frag is too strong...
...or that old friend who comes with lame excuses like not having QW installed.

This gap has now been bridged. Before you press Play, please read the following.

While it may not offer the same low latency as a native client, the rendering performance should be very close to that of a desktop with V-Sync enabled. The browser main loop does limit the FPS compared to what some players are used to, but it remains silky smooth, even on low-end Chromebooks.

If it seems disappointing, the issue is likely with your browser or graphics drivers.

Check if your browser is up to the task:

Edge Chrome Brave Firefox Safari
Windows Amazing Good Bad* Ok -
macOS Amazing Good Good Good Bad
Linux X11 Maybe** Maybe** Maybe** Maybe** -
Linux Wayland Amazing Good Ok Ok -
* Brave is limited to 60 Hz rendering on Windows.
** Linux X11 with multiple monitors may try to sync to lowest refresh rate. Unplug the slow one.


New to QuakeWorld?

The main menu is accessible via Esc, here you have access to many of the common settings. For full configuration bring down the console via ยง or Shift + Esc. Keep in mind that all commands provide Tab completion.

Here are some examples of what is available.


The map pool is currently limited to pak0.pak (fetched from a random GH repo by the browser) and a few custom maps. If it's not already possible to drop a pak1.pak in the browser, then it will be a bit later.


Can only connect to FTE servers, and currently not even upstream ones. At some point this will be merged to FTE upstream which will give the server admins freedom to upgrade to FTE and join the WebRTC world. This would allow players to casually go to hub.quakeworld.nu and join a game, either as a player, or as a spectator (although there are some ideas on how to web-enable QTV towards older servers).

This is currently very bleeding much edge, some debug spam, some server crashes, some weird movement, can only get better.